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Front loading washing machines


Front loading washing machines have a lot of benefits, it has to be said. They use a lot less detergent than a top loading machine, and require less use of water in order to run. In comparison, a top loading version has to fill the entire drum, which can be quite a height, and therefore a lot of water.

As well as the economical advantages of using less detergent and less water, a side loading washing machine is significantly less noisy as well. This is because it runs more delicately than a top loading variant, collecting the clothes together and submerging them with bubbly water. A top loading machine on the other hand will beat the clothing backwards and forwards with a central agitator. The lighter nature of the front loading washers also ensures that garments have a longer life span. With the louder and more violent nature of a top loader, it's also a habit for a top loading washing machine to, over time, become unbalanced and rock from side to side, which therefore increases the noise output further.

Alongside all this, a front loading washing machine can also fit better into a kitchen environment. On a top loader, all the top area of the washing machine is taken up by the door of the machine. In comparison, a front loading washing machine's top is almost entirely bare - making it useful for additional kitchen space if needed. Call us at 855-261-6899 for any of your front loading washing machine service needs.

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Front and top loading washing machine, will need maintenance to keep them in prime shape.

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