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Five Most Common Problems With Washing Machines

Wondering why your washing machine isn't spinning or it won't turn on check out this video

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

The washer repair videos cover how to fix or replace the agitator of a Whirlpool built washing machine.

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Do-It-Yourself Front-Load Washer Repair

If you don't want to pay a repair company to fix your front-load washing machine, try these handy do-it-yourself tips.

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How to Repair a Washing Machine Spin Cycle

A washing machine that fails to spin may have either a bad belt or a bad coupler, and these simple instructions.

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How to fix an Agitator on a Washing Machine

This is really a quick and easy fix. Take your time and you can repair your own washing machine agitator.

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Washing Machine Repair - Replacing the Drain Pump

If your washing machine isn't working correctly, then replacing the drain pump could solve your washer problem.

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