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Washing Machine Repair Tips - Before you do any work on a washer, make sure it's unplugged. Disconnect the grounding wire and the water hoses.

Power Won't Come On?
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Is your washer getting power? The first things to check if your washer suddenly stops working are your circuit breaker, lid switch, or fuse box.

Can't Get Any Cold Water
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No cold water: check to make sure the cold water is on, and that control settings are set properly. Check intake screens for a sediment or rust buildup.

Washer Won't Agitate
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If you notice weak or no agitation, the splines connecting the agitator to the drive shaft may be stripped and need to be replaced.

Problems With The Drive Pulley
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Sometimes the drive pulley can wear out and it won't turn the drive belt. Look for wear marks, pits, or uneven spots. It's best to just replace it with a new pulley.

Washer Repair Ebook

Washer Repair Ebook

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